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Akins Counseling: A Jungian and Transpersonal Approach to HealingAkins Counseling: A Jungian and Transpersonal Approach to Healing

A Sacred Space

Temenos - the original Greek definition of temenos is a designated protected sacred sanctuary or site. The temenos can also be described as the therapeutic space sought between client and therapist - most often occurring in a clinical office setting.

You will feel immediately comfortable in a serene space, conducive to relaxation and meant for you to dedicate time just to you. Your confidentiality is assured both in person and online, and unconscious content can be safely brought into the light of consciouness allowing you to meet all parts of yourself.
You are welcome here regardless of your walk in life, your religion, or your sexual orientation. You will experience unity through diversity, a high spirtual imperative. And you will be given respect for unconscious content without judgement.
You will work to raise self-awareness through different modalities and approaches to healing so that your life challenges can be transformed. This will allow your new awareness to transform into a new way of thinking, feeling, and being.


The following cards describe current and past workshops and groups to help you on your psycho-spiritual journey towards wholeness. Offerings are often updated to give you the latest opportunities for psychic healing and growth so check back often!

Womens Spirituality Group

Are you ready to step out onto the Heroine’s Path? To wake up to your true nature and unlearn all of the things you’ve been told about yourself that just aren’t true? If so, this personal growth group is for you!

Women in the Mountains: Psyche's Tasks

Join me for a deep exploration of Psyche and the tale of forbidden love. We will get to know this mortal girl who dared to fall in love with a God and then the trials and tribulations that followed for her.


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Could making your own “Soulcollage” put you on the path to true personal enlightenment?

Reclaiming the Gifts of Your Inner Child

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As children, we cannot understand how external factors and painful experiences influence and shape our core beliefs and behaviors. When we experience events such as abuse, divorce, deaths and other traumas, parts of us can stay stuck in the past, replaying the traumatic event.

Past Life Regression

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Past life regression or (Deep Memory Process) is a powerful therapy that helps you to remember the stories of your soul and to heal and then clear the impact that these stories have had on your personal life.

Mary Magdalene Book Study

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Join us as we begin a deep dive into learning who this incredible Apostle to Jesus was - the only woman in a group of twelve - and what it was she contributed to humanity.

Integrative Breathwork

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The use of breath in healing and self-exploration is as old as spirituality itself and has been a part of nearly every mystical tradition in the world.

Healing Your Shadow Wounds

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In this highly self-experiential workshop, we will dive into the shadow and befriend parts of ourselves we have lost. You will journey with - and to - yourself by using breath, music, imagery, and regression techniques.

Healing Through the Chakras

+ 3 upcoming sessions

You are an energy being! And, you have centers in your energy field called Chakras that correspond to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Depending on how “balanced” these energy centers are determines your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

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Dream Analysis

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The wisest part of yourself resides in this dreamtime temenos. Call it your Dream Maker...

Depth Coaching

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Explore the archetypes that guide and shape your journey as we focus on the source of your well-being.

Ancestor Healing

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Trans-generational patterns in our family system influence who we are today.

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